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Everything MKA

for all your Olsen needs

*~*~Everything Mary-Kate and Ashley~*~*
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*cough* ehm..who made this?

Hi! We're glad you're interested in this community! :-)

starlynth7388, aka Sarah.
iheartligersdou, aka Calli.

Before you join, PLEASE read the rules! They're not hard to follow.. and you'll get a strike if you break on of them. 3 strikes and you're out!

Anyway, i'll be monitoring each post before it's ACTUALLY posted, so here's what is accepted and what's not. If you have a question about something different than what's listed here, don't hesitate to ask me! My regular journal is starlynth7388. I'm always around. Or just try posting it anyway and we'll see what happens. Subject being "I KNOW NOTHING!" so you wont get a strike or anything :-)

Posts that will be accepted and posted for everyone to see:

Any kind of MKA gossip or news.
Any new candids of MKA (behind a cut if more than one pic).
Any old pics of MKA (behind a cut if more than one pic).
Anything related to MKA.
Advertisements for communities relating to MKA.
Anything else you can think of MKA.

Posts that will NOT be accepted and posted:

Icons are allowed, but won't be made as posts. They'll go in the memories section immediately. I'll update and let you know when there are new icons added and where. Same goes for other graphics.
Introductions other than the one listed on the page below.
Questions that have been asked before and are in the memories section unless the answer you want isn't given there.
Posts that have nothing to do with MKA.
Advertisements that have nothing to do with MKA.
Posts that are extremely disrespectful to anyone in the community, or to MKA. I'm not talking "Oh, have you guys seen the latest picture? i HATE Ashley's hat." I'm talking like, "Oh my god, I can't believe Mary-Kate does coke. What a freakin cokehead. And by the way, example_bob, you don't know anything. I can't believe you can't tell MKA apart. It's so obvious, you're just an idiot." ANYTHING i see along those lines could definitely put you at risk of being kicked out of the community. Rudeness is not tolerated here. We are only open, loving people :-) That goes for comments, too. Rudeness anywhere is not appreciated. Not that any of you will ever be rude!

About this whole strike thing i mentioned earlier, i'm serious. I don't like people who aren't respectful of the rules. So here are things you'll get a strike for. And i want you here, so don't go breaking my heart rules :P

3 Strikes and you're out.

You'll get a strike for:

Repeating a question more than once (whether it's the same question or diff't) that's already been answered in the memories section. I understand when you're looking for a question you could accidentally skip over it. That's why if you ask the same question more than once, you get a strike, and if you ask different questions, then i just don't think you read the memories section at all.

If a question has been asked before, and the answer is not what you're looking for, you are allowed to post the question, but for the subject, write "NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR" so i know not to delete it.

Being rude to any member of this community, whether it's in a post only i see or in a comment. And if someone is rude first, don't be rude back. I will handle it. If you are rude as well as the first person, that just gets you a strike, as well as the other person.. EVEN if you are trying to back up my rules. I don't want anyone getting into arguments..if someone's disrespectful, i don't want you to get involved <3

If you tAlK lYkE DyS N StUF lYkE Kk. Please no. just.. no.

If you break any of the rules listed on the userinfo.
They're there for a reason, y'know!

I would like to know who you are, so if you'd like to introduce yourself use this, subject- "NEW" when you post:

Preferred Twin:
Why(limit to 1 sentence. Don't want this taking up space on the friends list):
Optional..(under a lj-cut)..
Picture of you:
Favorite pic of Twin/Twins:

Hmm, yeah that sounds good :-)

Questions will be in the memories section soon.
If you have a suggested question for the memories section and you know the answer, comment on the first post please!

I think that's it! I'll have a bunch of stuff up soon, including links to good MKA picture sites, news sites, etc. If you have a good site for stuff, comment on the first post i made :-)

Most of all, HAVE FUN HERE! If you break that rule, you'll get a strike too :-)


your mod.

So i can publicly embarrass you, mwahaha!
I hope i won't have to add anyone here, lol. I don't like being mean!