Leia (worldoflooloo) wrote in everything_mka,

Warning Big pics!!

So For xmas I got:
A Mary-Kate and Ashley

A Tv
All these hair products
An Emily

a digital camera (mini)
um um um um
A fuw hundred dollars
A charmed

and more.

As you can tell I got a lot of calenders. Yes. I love them all!
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that is one HUGE calendar!!! sounds like you had a good xmas :)
GO JUNE!!!! June 28, 1990- a day to remember
i got an mka calendar tooooo- how hott<3
wooow i LOVE the calendar!!! Do y know where u can buy that one?!
There are some beautiful pictures in it!
How big is the calendar?!
I would be really greatful if you would want to answer me! :-)
xxxxxx Susie
I got it from Target (I live in Australia,) It's thinner then most width wise, but taller.