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about this prank call everyone thinks is fake...

this prank call was made by a person who is involved with the website it is real, the olsen's managers were filing complaints because the website got hold of both their numbers. go to to view the letters from Dualstar. Anyone who has seen MaryKate on Oprah or ET would know this is how she speaks, in a kind of nasal tone. PS the beeping sound is a car alarm going off.

(it says ashley, but the call was made to MK on her cellphone. This link will automatically open in Media Player)

(here's the transcript)

mk: hello? (sound of car alarm in background)
alex: hello
mk: hello?
alex: this is alexander, how are you?
mk: oh, i'm good, how are you?
alex: gooood, do you know
mk: what??
alex: do you know
mk: i'm..ahh wait i can't hear you a car alarm was going off.
alex: oh it's an internet address
mk: what?
alex: it's an internet address, do you know it,
mk: wait, is this...who is this?
alex: alex
mk: alex who?
alex: alex ordmans.
mk: what does that mean to me?
alex: well, do you know
mk: what???
alex:, it's an internet site, it's very cool, you'd to check it.
mk:'d you'd get this number?
alex: you're on my contact list
mk: well, you're very positive, you call me again i'll have the police onto you. thankyou, goodbye.
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